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Indian Head Massage

Is a simple, safe and highly beneficial therapy which has been popular throughout the Indian sub-continent for over a thousand years.  Massage of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders soothes comforts and re-balances to produce a feeling of peace and tranquillity.


Additional benefits can be gained from the optional use of special oils to nourish hair roots, promoting improvement in the condition of the hair and even reducing hair loss.


A full consultation is taken before the treatment, details about general health, medication, diet and hobbies will be discussed and the treatment is done with the client sitting fully dressed on a comfortable chair. A towel will only be used if the client requires the use of special Ayurvedic massage oils on the head.


Each session lasts 45 minutes and depending upon the client’s personal needs and if there are oils used.

The massage includes the shoulders, upper arms, neck, head and face and is completed with the balancing of the 3 higher Chakras, to leave your head feeling Calm and giving you a general feeling of health and happiness.

Indian Head Massage provides all the general benefits of massage plus clients have reported improved sleep, less headaches, clearer thinking, increased energy and better mood.


Price £35 for a 45 minute session

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