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(£10 non-refundable deposit to secure your place)


3 hour workshop

Have you ever wanted to know about angels and archangels, how to connect with them, how they communicate with you, how to invite their loving positive energy into your life? Then this introductory workshop is for you.

This one day workshop covers the following:

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  • What are angels

  • How to connect with your guardian angel

  • Meditation to meet and receive guidance from your guardian angel

  • What are archangels

  • Who is the archangel that works closest with you

  • Meeting Archangel Michael

  • Learn how to shield yourself from negative thoughts and people with Archangel Michael

  • Learn how to disconnect from negative thoughts and people with Archangel Michael

  • Meet Archangel Raphael

  • Learn how to bring positive healing energy into your life with Archangel Raphael

  • How to attract positive energies with the angels

  • How to know when an angel is with you

  • How meditation can help you to strengthen your connection with the angels as well as bringing positive energy into your body and life   

The aim of this workshop is to introduce you to the benefits of working with the Angels/Archangels, allowing you to develop a deeper connection with your own healing team of angels. This workshop will also provide you with techniques and tools to bring the positive loving energy of the angels into all aspects of life.

Refreshments are provided.

Maximum of 6 people, this is wonderful!

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