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Hopi Ear Candling Diploma

Investment - £95

(£50 non-refundable deposit to secure your place on the course)

The candles work using the process of convection. The burning of the candle

helps to draw softer waxes and toxins from the ear. Some of these are then

oxidised or turned into vapours and burnt.

The warm air from the burning candle passes into the ear canal before being

gently drawn back up to the top of the candle in a chimney effect. The warm

air containing the herbal extract vapours from the candle helps to soothe and

invigorate the ear.

The Hopi Ear Candles course covers how to give a full ear candle treatment and

covers the history, technique and aftercare of the treatment. The course also

covers consultation and contra-indications to treatment.

A wonderful addition to your therapy room.  


How will you be assessed?

Practical Hopi Ear assessments


Do I have to do any work outside of class time?

The anatomy and physiology will be embedded within the practical sessions.

Students will be expected to focus on this section of the course as part of their home study.

1/2 day practical course - 10am - 1pm or evenings can be arranged


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