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Clinical Aromatherapy

Is the prescriptive use of essential oils to tailor the individual needs of each client.

Each person is unique. Their ailments, illnesses, stress and their medication is specific to that individual. When creating an ‘essential oil mix’ all of these factors are taken into consideration and essential oils are chosen with regard to their chemical composition and the effects that the combined recipe will have on the particular issue being dealt with at that time.

The benefits of a clinical prescriptive massage are stress relief, enhanced health and well-being, increased blood and lymph flow, relaxes tired muscles, uplifting or calming effect, and promotes a sense of overall vitality.


A body or back massage is given using the prescribed oils and the combination of prescriptive essential oils and massage allows a successful balancing of the bodies’ emotional, mental and physical state.

Price £35 for a 45 minute Aromatherapy Healing Hands Touch Back & Scalp Treatment

Price £20 for a 20 minute Hand & Arm Massage Aromatherapy prescription Treatment

Price £25 for a 30 minute Foot Massage prescription Treatment

Please note that an Aromatherapy massage is a light to medium pressure and not a deep tissue massage

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